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Culture & Growth: 
A global leadership conversation

21st century business has evolved from believing “people are an asset” to understanding that it is how people work together that creates value. We wanted to find out what might be stopping leaders from seeing the importance of culture. And uncover common stories across the world where leaders have found ways to grow a culture - that grows a business.

Check out our insight to hear about how leaders in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia understand culture, and the seven qualities of 21st century leadership we uncovered through our discussions. 



Finding purpose


Practical guide to finding purpose

How do you align your business to an authentic purpose - one that is meaningful and inspires your people? As coaches, we help leaders around the world connect to their purpose, focus their business and deliver growth. We often see confusion around what purpose actually is and how it is used in business - so we created some guides to help you on your journey.

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Within's Guide to finding purpose

This booklet was designed for leaders who want to find purpose but don’t know how to get started. And to help guide our clients in articulating their purpose in the most powerful way.

Finding purpose in 60 seconds

Short on time? Need to get your leadership team aligned on what purpose is - and where it can be found? Watch our one minute film and get inspired about finding purpose in your business.



Disrupt HR

We share our thinking around the world in presentations, events, and experiential workshops. Here are talks we've given at Disrupt HR, all under five minutes, to help you understand more about what culture is, how to use it for growth, and how leaders in the 21st century are showing up.

Your Culture’s Not A Unicorn, It’s A Donkey. DisruptHR Vancouver, June 2018.


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