Meet Within


Our vision: The Within Way is a blueprint for 21st century business


We're a global partnership of business coaches who are building a new model for growth in the 21st century. We believe it’s one where people are the most important asset, so unleashing their full potential is what unlocks growth. The Within Way is how we help our clients grow - and how we grow our own partnership. 

We are what we do, and our structure and business model is a reflection of the vision we have for 21st century business.


Our business is based on freedom. We see each member of our team to be a partner, trusted to deliver on our purpose, values and the Within Way, whilst enjoying a lifestyle that encourages their own growth and wellbeing. This includes each partner setting their own goals, working time and salary, and choosing the clients that energise them. And its why we have chosen not to have offices - spending more time with our clients and in environments that inspire us.

Living our values

We try to live the change we bring to our clients, learn by doing, and shape our company as an example of how business can operate in the 21st century. We are guided by our values and a set of partnership principles that help us stay true to who we are and what we believe in. We have regular rituals, such as our biannual Within Week retreat and our Book Club, that help us to regularly live our values.

Everyone is a leader

We believe leadership is a way of being, not a hierarchy. The role of every partner in our business is to build their capacity as a coach and to coach each other towards growth - managing the energy, seeing the big picture, and empowering others. In a 21st century business, anyone can develop the skills to become a leader - and coaching skills are leadership skills.

Self Management

We're self-managed and share decision-making, which keeps our structure flat and our culture open. We use an advice process to consult with each other, while avoiding consensus by ensuring that responsibility is clear and trust is built between us.


Our global business is wholly owned by our partners, who decide how we reinvest our shared profits in order to grow the business we love. Partners have the opportunity to become owners by investing in the business after being with our partnership for one year.

Radical transparency

Living our values means being open and honest with each other, and sharing all relevant information with partners to help with decision making. We are all involved in discussions about our goals - including our finances - and practice new ways of having the inevitable difficult conversations that emerge in our culture.

Shared vision

Our business goals are created out of the individual goals of each partner. We do not set or impose targets on each other - we believe that self responsibility will guide our journey of success. Growth means more to us than just increasing our profits - we seek to grow our skills, the talents of our partners, the depth of learning with our clients, and our global reach. Because when each of us grows individually, our business grows.