Leaders growing with purpose


How we work with your business

we work with leaders committed to change

We work with leaders who want to use culture to grow. Our clients range from SMEs to multinationals, nonprofits to start-ups. No matter the industry, we love working with leaders who are invested in a journey to create lasting change - and who recognise that the work starts with them.

we coach, we don't consult

We believe that when people grow, so will their organisations. Our coaching approach helps leaders take ownership of the change they want to create in their businesses. Where consulting solves problems on the client’s behalf, coaching supports them and their teams to build the skills they need to sustain change over the long term.

we take clients on a journey

Our clients are on a journey to create the business they love. This kind of change takes time, and it isn’t always easy. One of the biggest challenges is managing the pushback to change. The way we work with leaders feels like a partnership for growth - as we support them to find the clarity, belief and confidence they need to build the business of their dreams.


Meet a few of our clients



purpose and values as tools to grow a great brand

MOO's purpose is great design for everyone.

Richard Moross started MOO ten years ago. The first product was a mini business card, but the purpose of the company he started was much bigger: to make great design accessible for everyone. A decade later, MOO has a loved brand, sells beautiful printed products in hundreds of countries around the world and is hiring hundreds of new 'Moosters' each year. 

"As the founder I've always had a clear idea of what MOO is about, but it took the amazing folks from Within to help translate this into something simple and meaningful that the whole company could understand and make useful. The impact has been widespread and profound: they have done an amazing job." - RICHARD Moross, founder

MOO's challenge was how to stay true to its valuable culture and purpose as it grows fast. How do you get hundreds of new people to strengthen a culture rather than dilute it?

Within worked with MOO's leadership team to define what it is that makes MOO, MOO. Together we codified MOO's purpose, values and offer to the world, before inviting every Mooster to build meaning and belief into what the MOO culture means for them. MOO's engagement scores are on the up, but most importantly, everyone can use culture as a way to grow, rather than an excuse not to.

  • Clarity of purpose, values and offer

  • Designing and facilitating company-wide culture sessions to embed values

  • Translating values into performance metrics for feedback and recruitment

  • Integrating purpose and values to brand strategy

  • Group and 1-to-1 leadership development



purpose is the foundation for service excellence

One&Only’s purpose is to create joy.

Kerzner International’s portfolio of ultra-luxury resorts are expanding globally, and want to ensure that their signature brand of service continues to be delivered consistently as they grow.

“Within created a very robust programme - we’ve ended up with a really high standard of thinking. They have helped us get to the conclusions faster and more effectively, with a structure to help us take it forward with momentum” - Stuart Thomson - Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources

We Create Joy is a 2019 CIPD Award winning programme for Best Employee Engagement Initiative.

We codified One&Only’s purpose into a distinct service philosophy that could be taught and embedded into how all colleagues work and create joy for guests every day. This started with a deep immersion into the unique culture of each resort - from Mexico to the Blue Mountains of Australia - to surface what was common in the culture and what could underpin the service philosophy. 

We then worked with the global leadership team, as well as each resort’s General Manager, to create an embedding programme to launch the philosophy - including a simultaneous event around the world - which kicked off the re-immersion process for all colleagues.

  • Clarity of how purpose translates into a distinct service philosophy

  • Aligning global leadership team on a business case for culture change

  • Defining cultural rituals

  • Embedding behaviours into service standard

  • Recruitment, on-boarding, orientation and training programmes

  • Global launch 

  Amy's Kitchen


A cultural blueprint for growing a global business

Amy's Kitchen's purpose is to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to eat well.

Amy’s is a family-run organic food business,  founded 30 years ago in the California home of Andy and Rachel Berliner. Today the business employs thousands, with annual sales over $300m. In 2015, the company continued to expand its product offer, growing into new international markets and facing important decisions about the next generation of leadership. 

“The process has been great for helping us plan for the future. Everyone is speaking the same language and understands the passion behind the decisions we make as a business.” Bridget dwyer, Vp marketing

In a time of change, the Berliners wanted to codify what’s made them special over the years - and to ensure this culture lives on across future generations.

Within worked with the leadership team to align on the purpose, values and offer that define the Amy’s culture and brand. We supported the leadership to embed this purpose framework across the business, equipping them with the tools to build belief in the culture they are creating - no matter where they are operating in the world.

  • Clarity of purpose & values

  • Train-the-trainer and toolkit for embedding purpose & values

  • Leadership team alignment and 1-to-1 coaching

British Land


Values that guide an evolving culture

British Land’s purpose is creating places people prefer

The British Land Company has existed for over 150 years, and has been through it’s fair share of transformation over that time. Recently the FTSE100 property company has embarked on a cultural evolution, driven by the definition of its purpose and the shifting role it must play in a changing society. 

“Within has helped me meet my mandate around modernising British Land. Within has helped stretch our thinking, changing how we are seen internally and externally. We’ve tried to embed our values a few times before, and Within has helped us get it right. Now they really are known, lived, and enduring.” - ann henshaw, hr director

British Land has seen its focus shift from developing and managing buildings, to designing and creating places that have a profound impact on the way people live, work and shop. It’s required them to reimagine their role in the world, and how they must work together to fulfil it. 

Over the many years that we have been working with British Land, the business has experienced a significant cultural shift. We have helped British Land re-define their values and vision for their people strategy - supporting them to guide a process of rapid change in a large, established company. 

  • Revising company values to be meaningful and actionable

  • Designing a company-wide culture immersion to build belief in values

  • Developing a people vision and strategy to guide the cultural shift in the company

  • Turning values into performance measures that can be used for feedback

  • Taking diversity & inclusion initiatives to the next level to support better collaboration in the culture

More Partnership


A purposeful partnership invested for the future

More Partnership's purpose is to advance great ambitions.

Working with cultural, educational and charitable organisations around the world, More Partnership helps clients harness the power of philanthropy to create a better world. The close knit team of directors have successfully steered the ship for two decades, building a sector-leading partnership ready for the next generation to take forward in a way that stays true to its roots.   

"we have put purpose and values at the heart of future growth. We are exploring new ways of working and organising that encourage shared responsibility, investment and ownership." - Rebecca rendle, managing partner

Within worked with the entire business to explore purpose and articulate a shared set of values and partnership principles that guide behaviours to support self management. We continue to work with smaller teams in the business, helping them to reimagine their structure, ways of making decisions and ownership models. Together we explore how to divest power, incentivise shared investment and live their purpose for themselves, their business and their clients.  

  • Clarity of purpose, values & offer

  • Vision for growth

  • Telling a new purposeful story

  • Supporting the shift to self management

  • Growing confidence in selling and new pricing models

  • Group and 1-to-1 leadership development