Meet the partners

Each Within partner is a senior level expert in business, brand strategy and executive coaching. We are all passionate about 21st century business and living our purpose to help leaders grow the business they love.

We are also looking for new partners in our markets around the world. If you'd like to join our partnership, please get in touch


Jeff Melnyk
(London/San Francisco)

I believe that purpose is the key to growth and leadership in business. My clients are in places all over the world - from Costa Rica to Canada, Hong Kong to San Francisco, the mountains of Australia and the north of South Africa. What I know is that work is changing - to be places where people are valued and able to unleash their creativity. Where we are all free to love who we are and what we do. And I am committed to helping Within People be a model business, driven by our values and principles.

I coach CEOs and founders to achieve their vision of the company they most want to lead, helping them to create a shift in themselves and their culture. I've helped start ups launch their big ideas, and corporates find the courage to dream big. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for my contribution in enabling brands to create positive social change.


Laurie Bennett

I believe that creativity is freedom. 

I’ve worked with founders and leaders all over the globe, who are bravely putting their ideas into the world to change it. I have seen that when people believe they are creators, they feel free, they sense their own value, and they make amazing things together. 

I coach founders and leaders to find their purpose, tap into their authenticity, and grasp possibility out of challenge. My clients are growing the company they love to work for and are proud to be from. And I’m doing the same. We founded Within under a context of freedom, and creativity is the beating heart of the company I want to grow.


Georgina Combes

When people love what they do and can be themselves at work I believe they create and lead powerful changes in themselves, their organisations and the world.

I am energised by helping leaders and their teams define and build authentic cultures that guide how they connect with each other and work together. When a leader knows what they personally need to create change they have the opportunity to grow their team and organisation to create greater impact in the world.

As one of the original partners at Within I am inspired to help shape, build and influence a 21st Century business that values both freedom and responsibility. By doing this work on myself and within our partnership it allows me to live my purpose and values and create the life I desire. In turn this allows me to help my clients create the lives they desire.


Kim Hawke
(Cape Town)

I had an epiphany nearly 10 years ago. I was very unhappy in the company I worked in. The leadership team was full of drama - and I was part of creating it. We didn’t trust & support each other and were a long way off doing our best work. Then one day I just stopped. I changed how I saw the world and took responsibility for what I had control over and started to change it. It changed everything.

Today I love what I do. I love the people I work with. I am proud of the work I do and the company we are building. And I feel privileged every day to help others achieve the same. 


Kate Clayton
(Cape Town)

My vision of 21st century business is one where we bring our whole selves to work, to life. Where we can show up with all of who we are and what we bring, rather than hiding behind masks that may protect us AND which limit our possibilities.

This starts with knowing ourselves, our gold and shadow parts, and knowing how these influence how we show up as leaders. It also means knowing what will open up wholeness for us and what might shut it down. So that we can make more conscious choices about how we want to lead and how to ignite this.

I’m an Integral coach and strategist working with leaders and their teams, bringing a more integrated perspective on any challenge. I do this through truth hunting and speaking, solving at source with curiosity and adventure. Ultimately to help leaders and their organisations grow – their joy, impact and profitability.


Nicole Bradfield

Leading and shaping an organisation is an incredible privilege, and the richest of learning experiences. To confidently set out your vision and excite those around you to move towards it. To be intentionally creating a culture that unites the people you love and offers a true sense of belonging. To be really clear about what’s yours to do in the world and why.

And to do it with compassion, vulnerability and awareness – it’s immensely powerful and it creates organisations that are fundamentally changing the way we work together. Bringing my coaching and strategic support to those looking to lead this way is the work I absolutely love to do.

When we lead with love, we grow the business we love - and beautiful things happen.


Bob Lesser
(San Francisco)

As a business founder, therapist and coach I know that people are the most important drivers of any organization's success. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I work with leaders across the public, private and non-profit sectors who share this belief, to help clarify their vision for growth and align their teams around a common sense of purpose and shared values. I help people and organizations reach their fullest potential.


Charlie Lyons

People drive business!

When people believe in one another and the potential within, amazing things happen. For me the 21st century business is one that truly values people. Valuing one another allows us to unite, form a strong community and courageously pave the way forward. This creates more possibilities in business and makes change happen.

I coach founders, leaders and teams to tap in and connect to all that they have within,
bringing forth greater fulfilment, agency and capacity to lead growth and change


Letesia Gibson

I believe that there is a better way to do business. A way that lights up your people and fires leadership to achieve new things. That unlocks smarter growth for people and businesses. That helps us to realise our collective dreams. That’s fitting for those that care about the way they do business. Purposeful values-led companies are the future and I believe that they are the key to happier, healthier and more profitable business.

I work with leaders that dare to think ‘another way is possible’. With empathy in leading and owning in start-up, SME and Corporate spheres, I bring transformational coaching and street-smart strategy to help challenge my clients to walk the talk of 21st century business.


Suki Laniado Smith

Businesses don’t transform, people do and leaders go first. I believe the necessary business imperative of today is to focus on building Cathedral Leaders. Leaders whose inspiration and influence will embed in their organisations a sense of purpose and values that will live on longer than they will.

I work in partnership with these leaders who have a mandate for transformational change. This means they have the authority, commitment and desire to bring about lasting evolutionary change. This is not just talking about change, it’s designing, implementing and living the change. My focus is supporting them to align & integrate the human dynamics in their organisation with the business mechanics, providing a business with the resilience, speed and agility required for growth. 

I have had the privilege of working with Within People since its inception. It takes courage, belief & confidence to build a truly transformational business. Within lives its values with every decision it makes. The ripple effect of this is felt by everyone they come in contact with. I feel honoured to be coming home to them.

After all, culture isn’t one thing, it’s everything.


Mara Slade
(San Francisco)

I believe that change starts from within — and when individuals recognise their own influence and capacity for change,  it leads to growth. Most companies have core values. Few companies have cultures that reflect them. Using the Within Way, I work with business leaders to change that dynamic in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way.

My work involves identifying aspirations, and collaborating with leadership teams to co-create solutions for organizations and brands. And thanks to many years working in ad shops + brand agencies, I act as a strategic advisor reminding people of the culture they are creating everyday.

I’m a curious strategist. I'm an entrepreneur with the soul of an English major. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, and sister.