A purposeful partnership invested for the future

More Partnership's purpose is to advance great ambitions.

Working with cultural, educational and charitable organisations around the world, More Partnership helps clients harness the power of philanthropy to create a better world. The close knit team of directors have successfully steered the ship for two decades, building a sector-leading partnership ready for the next generation to take forward in a way that stays true to its roots.   

"we have put purpose and values at the heart of future growth. We are exploring new ways of working and organising that encourage shared responsibility, investment and ownership." - Rebecca rendle, managing partner

Within worked with the entire business to explore purpose and articulate a shared set of values and partnership principles that guide behaviours to support self management. We continue to work with smaller teams in the business, helping them to reimagine their structure, ways of making decisions and ownership models. Together we explore how to divest power, incentivise shared investment and live their purpose for themselves, their business and their clients.  

  • Clarity of purpose, values & offer

  • Vision for growth

  • Telling a new purposeful story

  • Supporting the shift to self management

  • Growing confidence in selling and new pricing models

  • Group and 1-to-1 leadership development