A cultural blueprint for growing a global business

Amy's Kitchen's purpose is to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to eat well.

Amy’s is a family-run organic food business,  founded 30 years ago in the California home of Andy and Rachel Berliner. Today the business employs thousands, with annual sales over $300m. In 2015, the company continued to expand its product offer, growing into new international markets and facing important decisions about the next generation of leadership. 

“The process has been great for helping us plan for the future. Everyone is speaking the same language and understands the passion behind the decisions we make as a business.” Bridget dwyer, Vp marketing

In a time of change, the Berliners wanted to codify what’s made them special over the years - and to ensure this culture lives on across future generations.

Within worked with the leadership team to align on the purpose, values and offer that define the Amy’s culture and brand. We supported the leadership to embed this purpose framework across the business, equipping them with the tools to build belief in the culture they are creating - no matter where they are operating in the world.

  • Clarity of purpose & values

  • Train-the-trainer and toolkit for embedding purpose & values

  • Leadership team alignment and 1-to-1 coaching