purpose and values as tools to grow a great brand

MOO's purpose is great design for everyone.

Richard Moross started MOO ten years ago. The first product was a mini business card, but the purpose of the company he started was much bigger: to make great design accessible for everyone. A decade later, MOO has a loved brand, sells beautiful printed products in hundreds of countries around the world and is hiring hundreds of new 'Moosters' each year. 

"As the founder I've always had a clear idea of what MOO is about, but it took the amazing folks from Within to help translate this into something simple and meaningful that the whole company could understand and make useful. The impact has been widespread and profound: they have done an amazing job." - RICHARD Moross, founder

MOO's challenge was how to stay true to its valuable culture and purpose as it grows fast. How do you get hundreds of new people to strengthen a culture rather than dilute it?

Within worked with MOO's leadership team to define what it is that makes MOO, MOO. Together we codified MOO's purpose, values and offer to the world, before inviting every Mooster to build meaning and belief into what the MOO culture means for them. MOO's engagement scores are on the up, but most importantly, everyone can use culture as a way to grow, rather than an excuse not to.

  • Clarity of purpose, values and offer

  • Facilitating company-wide culture sessions to embed values

  • Tools for embedding culture

  • Integrating purpose and values to brand strategy

  • Group and 1-to-1 leadership development